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Smartphone Heat Map!


Smartphone Heat Map!

Ever dream about being a superhero?  I have! This amazing little device will give you a real superpower. It won’t give you X-Ray vision (sorry, that’s still not a real thing. But we’ll post it as soon as X-Ray glasses are invented!), but it will give you the ability to see heat maps!

Get an enhanced view of the world around you by turning your smartphone into a thermal imaging device. Lightweight and durable, this device works with any smartphone. Think of all the things you can do with a heat map: Never lose at hide and go seek; monitor whether someone is nervous and lying during an important meeting; check to see if granny is overheating. The possibilities are endless. Turn this gadget on and it displays thermal infrared images on your smartphone. You’ll never see the world the same way again. Also, you’ll be a superhero.

Sure, this gadget makes a great gift. But I recommend keeping this one for yourself… you can’t go around sharing your secret identity.