Cool Things For Summer

Happy July 1! Summer is here, so we have pulled together some of our favourite fun summer products to make this summer the best one yet.

Instant Badminton Court 

Because you never know when there is a chance to win a bet over who is better at badminton.  So easy to set up, you can do it after a few beers!







Grill Cleaning Robot

Master griller of your house and tailgates, but too lazy to spend time cleaning the grill?

Flick on the robot and let this do the rest of the work.






Floating Beer Pong Cooler

It’s a relaxing pool float.

It’s beer pong in the pool.

It keeps your beer cold.

Possibly the only thing you NEED this summer.





Camp Stove Phone Charger 

You’re out in forest camping, and don’t have any way to charge your dead phone! How about your charge the thing up while you boil water? This charger converts heat to electricity that you can use to charge up, isn’t science amazing?!




Silicone Wine Glasses 

 Perfect for picnics, parks, concerts etc when you just want to be a little bit classy.

Squish them up and shove them in your bag and go.

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