• Pet Umbrella

A 30 Dollar Chipotle Burrito

Let me paint the picture.  The guy in front of me is a hefty guy, probably about 6’4 250.  He steps up the plate with his girlfriend, who’s pushing 3 bills, and decides he’s hungry – a normal chipotle burrito won’t cut it.  Rather, he decided to go DEEP and order all 4 meats, and double of each. It ended up taking about 15 minutes, 4 tortillas, and 4 Chipotle employees to assemble, and it was epic.  Here is my best recollection of the dialogue between his girlfriend and the burrito-roller.


She was like “dis the biggest he eva owdered, yall gotta scale back der, I gotta know how much dat mofo weights, throw dis a lil mo chicken on mine too…aw, shit yall gonna need another wrap for that mofo!”


And $30 later, the picture above was the result.  I feel like at the end of the day, $30 is nothing compared to how he felt later.